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Creating New Healthy Cycles of Behavior

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Our Mission

The mission of The Behavioral Wealth Project LLC is to support children and families in breaking unhealthy cycles of behavior by providing education and teaching new skills based on the individual and family strengths.

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We Are Dedicated to Change in the Community!

The Behavioral Wealth Project LLC is a growing company because we believe in a high level of commitment to all tasks, and always perform in accordance with the client’s needs. We believe in the highest ethical standards and maintain social responsibility at the forefront of our mission.

Our focus is to identify challenging behavior and skill deficits within the family structure and to tailor goals, interventions, and strategies to support children and families in changing maladaptive behavior. The mission of the organization is to equip children and families with the skills and resources to manage their behavior, communicate effectively, and improve quality of life through intentional changes in their thoughts, behavior, and habits.